MMF13 Chester EastgateClock with Chester Grosvenor in background 460 Chester is full of things to do, and easily reached from Millmoor Farm - it's just half an hour away. Chester is a city full of history but with modern facilities - and all on a manageable scale.

History - Chester was a major Roman city, and you can still walk around the walls (it takes just a couple of hours). It was a sea port in Roman times - the race course is where the harbour used to be. The Civil War saw Chester become a Royalist stronghold, which eventually fell to Cromwell's army after a long siege. Chester Cathedral has been recently refurbished, and is a lovely, calming place to visit. It has an unusual separate bell-tower.

The Grosvenor Museum brings the story of Chester to life and has many interesting exhibits, while The Dewa Roman Experience is a museum with a difference - its 'hands-on' displays help you really understand what life was like in Roman times.

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