MMF12 Family with Rhino 200Chester Zoo is one of the top zoos in the world.

The Zoo is at the forefront of education, conservation and breeding programmes - but they make sure that everyone has fun at the same time as learning about animals.

The zoo’s mission is to be a major force in conserving the living world. To this aim the zoo currently cares for more than 500 different species - about half of which are endangered. Every effort goes into ensuring the highest standards of welfare and the best care is given to all of the animals, from the tiny snails to the tall giraffes.

At each habitat there are unique ways of learning about the animals too, by reading, touching and smelling the information panels. By simply observing we can all learn so much more about the animals, their natural habitats and what makes them so special and worth conserving.

For opening times, please see here.

The zoo is very easily reached from Millmoor Farm, and is just minutes from the A55 Cheshire Ring Road - a great day out for all ages.

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