Farming never stops! - so there's always something to see.

But the calendar below will give you a feel for the rhythm of the farming year:

  • Feeding the calves - all year round
  • Lambing - January / February / March
    From 1 January until 1st April, why not enjoy an out of season break to see the unique experience of watching lambs being born. You can view the ewes throughout the day and evening and even help feed the new born lambs etc.
    * Please note, for medical reasons, this is unsuitable for women who are pregnant.
  • Feeding the cade lambs - March / June
    ('Cade lambs' are orphans that have to be fed by hand - so it's a great chance to see the lambs up close)
  • Ploughing - April / May
  • Hay making and silaging - May / June ('silaging' is a way of preserving grass for the winter by fermenting it in wrapped bales
  • Maize harvesting - October / November

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